International Conference on Advances in Business Management- ICABM
14th and 15th Dec 2018
Organized by
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune
Faculty of Management(FOM)


Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. Pune city stands bordered by the ranges of the Sahyadri Mountain. The moderate weather as well as the rich flora and fauna of the city make it an ideal travel destination. It has been known by a plethora of sobriquets. Popular among them: ‘Queen of the Deccan’, ‘Cultural capital of Maharashtra’, and ‘Oxford of the East’. It is also among the greenest urban areas in the country with more than 40 per cent of its area under green cover.

Pune is the ninth populous city of the India and one of the top 10 “Most Developed Cities” in India by GDP 2016 and one of the fastest developing cities in the Asia Pacific region. It has a very strong presence in the automobile sector and is on its way to consolidate its position as the 'Detroit of India' too. Once referred as 'Pensioner's Paradise' it is now home to many software and IT companies.

In Pune, the past meets the present. It is one of those rare cities with a twin image: that of a tradition-bound place - generally considered the quintessence of Maharashtrian culture - and that of a modern industrial metropolis.

Pune Climate

The climate of Pune is quite pleasant. Summer here begins from early March to July. Daytimes are very sunny with dry heat. Early mornings are pleasant and evenings after six, cool and breezy. Pune stands on the leeward side of the Western Ghats on an altitude of 559m. (1863 ft.).

Summers are typically hot with maximum temperatures ranging from 35℃ to 42℃. The warmest month in Pune is generally April as compared to the rest of the Deccan Plateau where it is May. Sunlight can be intense leading to skin tan and sun-burn, be sure to carry and use sunscreens. The nights in Pune are significantly cooler than most other parts in this region owing to its high altitude.

Guideline regarding clothing and conference attire:
Formal dress for Men and Women

Major Attractions of Pune